Yukari Nakano triple axel

This is it, from her Skate Canada long program 2007.

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Strobe motion :-
1.  Approach on right back outside edge about to step forward,  note head is looking forward,  right shoulder forward.
2.  Stepping forward,  starting to bend
3. On left leg,  bending left knee,  right leg is moving to the back,  both arms forward and down
4. Bending skating knee,  free leg extending to back
5.  Deep bend of skating knee (right) and free leg,  commonly called "THE CHECK POSITION"
6.  Arms to back,  applying power,  free leg moving forward
7.  Free leg swinging forward,  outside edge deepening
8.  Outside edge deep,  free leg moving forward,  skating knee straightening
9.  Legs come together,  arms come up and in
10.  Slightly later,  skating leg comes almost to a stop, outside edge is hooking in about to hit the toe
11.  Hitting the toe,  arms up and coming in,  free leg has stopped forward momentum,  skating knee almost fully extended
12.  Last moment of takeoff,  hitting the toe,  note that at this point the skater is facing back the way they came,  arms almost in
13.  First moment of takeoff,  skating leg fully extended,  free leg (right) has stopped and will start to move down,  arms not in yet.
14. Early air position,  right leg is pushing straight down,  arms are in
15.  Half a turn later,  arms in tight,  back up straight,  right leg is being pushed down.
16.  Mid flight,  position tightening
17. Mid flight,  nice tight air position,  note right leg is down and almost straight
18.  Half a turn later.
19.  Coming in to land,  right leg bending to absorb impact,  arms opening
20.  First moment of landing,  left leg extended and arms opening to slow rotation
21.  Not a great landing but this is a triple axel
22. Holding onto landing
23. Landed
24.  WOW!


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