Skater P was a 12 year old boy.   He started skating in 1997 and stopped after changing to a Russian elite coach.

I coached him for about a year or so,  he had some talent,  not nearly as much as some of the other skaters I have coached,  but some talent,  I coached him twice a week for 45 minutes each,  he also skated in skate school on Saturday so that made 3 times a week he skated.   He competed in about 5 Aussie skate competitions in this time and placed 1st in 4 of them I think and second in one,  he was a good competitor and loved to skate,  he was a very good student and I am sure loved the lessons with me.

So he was doing very well,  he had reached Aussie skate free skate level II,   during the year or so I coached him his mother let it slip a few times that they dreamed of having a top Russian coach,  they lived in Castle hill which is roughly half way between North Ryde where Macquarie ice rink is and Blacktown where he skated,  one day they started going to Macquarie in the mornings before school,  I offered to go there and coach skater P but they were not interested.  Then one day when I was coaching skater P he let it slip that he had started lessons with a Russian elite coach, their top student was the Australian champion at the time,  they also had a host of other top skaters to coach.  They were top Russian coaches and they had the reputation.

I coached skater P for a few more sessions,  they wanted to come to me once a week for lessons and then go to the other coach for lessons as well,  I coached skater P for a couple more lessons and then decided to tell skater P's mother that I do not share students with other coaches and that she would have to make a choice.   As I expected they choose the top Russian coaches and I never saw them again.  

A few months later I was driving the car to the rink one day and Pís mum was on the phone,  she explained that skater P was very unhappy and missed me very much,  she invited me to a bar b que on the weekend at their place so skater P could see me again.   I declined.  After that skater P cut back his skating and lessons,  to perhaps once a week and then only once every second week,  he progressed up a few levels,  when he was 16 he quit skating.


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