Tim Grafton

Figure skating coach


My background as a skater

I was a freestyle skater (freeskater),   for example did axels, double jumps & spins,  I competed up to Novice level,  my highest test level was ISA level 4 and ISI level 6 as it was in 1983.

These are the levels :

1. Skate school / Aussie skate - learning to skate

2. Preliminary - got the basic edges

3. Elementary 1 - got the basic jumps, spins, spirals and skating skills

4. Elementary 2 - got an axel jump

5. Primary - got 2 double jumps

6.  Novice - this is the level I competed at

7.  Junior - got double axel jump and maybe a triple

8.  Senior - International level skater

I am qualified to coach skaters to at least Novice level.

These are a couple of short videos of me skating from 1985 (when I had hair on my head),  it was from the 1985 PA Xmas show.

Axel in 1985 - right click this and download it before viewing it's a 1 meg file

Double toe loop in 1985 - right click this and download it before viewing,  it's a 500k file









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