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World's best practice - added May 2011

World's best practice means that if the U.S / Russian / Japanese athletes and coaches are doing something or going about training in a certain way and that is producing world beating results,  then that is what needs to be done.

Read more ....


Team coaching,  how should it work?  - added December 2009

Click here for more details.


Coaching tools - added October 2009

The Kodak Easyshare  M series and Casio High-Speed Exilim EX-FC100  digital cameras,  they playback video frame by frame forward and backwards and are small enough to fit into your coaching jacket,  read more ...


Improve your coaching Knowledge

This is a great coaching resource from Trevor Laak,   have a look at this web site if you want to learn more and improve your coaching knowledge      Have a look at this web site for analyzing double Axels and for other jumps.


Of the many seminars I have attended the best would have to be Kathy Casey's seminars,  second best would be the seminar at Mariposa club.   Seminars are a great way to learn technique,  be sure to take a pen and notepad or a video camera plus an open mind and a desire to learn.


The 300 to 3000 factor

Bad habits developed early can be very difficult or impossible to fix later,  read more ....

Providing a balanced program

Are you a jump coach, do you regularly assess your students to ensure their skills are balanced,  read more ...



For complete notes on how to teach an Axel jump click here - updated August 2010,  NOW with video demos!

Here is a single axel (1 1/2 rotations),  right click here and select save to,  then open.

See an 8 year old perform a double axel,  click here  

How is this possible,  an 8 year old is small and is not strong?

Well the technique B B Liang uses in the video is the same as the technique that Kathy Casey (World and Olympic coach) and the same as many US skaters are using these days,  basically the takeoff is off a nice forward outside edge,  the skater jumps out of the circle and there is no,  let me say that again "NO" kick forward of the skating leg,  in other words the momentum for the jump comes while the free leg is swung forward from behind and the free leg stops when it is close to the skating leg,  then it is pushed straight down and into the back spin position,  since the momentum of the takeoff causes a twist there is no need to twist into the backspin position,  see the complete axel notes below for more info.

This is the technique I teach for a single axel,  perhaps with a bit more kick forward,  it is not a high jump to start with but after the skater has started to land it clean and consistently the height can then be built upon.

To see Mao Asada's triple axel in slow motion click here.   This is an mp4 file so your software will need to be up to date, to view it.

For complete notes on how to teach an Axel jump click here - updated August 2008,  NOW with Yukari Nakano triple axel in super slow motion and strobe motion!


Progressions; what are they?

OK you have been to coaching seminars or perhaps you have watched a high caliber coach in action,  what do they do that is different?  read more ...



The International judging system ( IJS )


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