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Coach profile - Timothy Grafton

Figure Skating Coaches

Formerly coaching

In western Sydney, NSW, Australia at Sydney Ice arena (Norwest),  Liverpool Catholic club ice rink,  Blacktown Ice Arena and Penrith Ice Palace.

St Thomas Skating Club, Ontario, Canada Sept 2009 to March 2011

Brant Skating club, Ontario, Canada October 2010 to March 2012

Presently coaching at

Various clubs in Ontario, Canada

Canadian Qualifications

bulletSkate Canada Certified ISPC Provincial singles coach (formerly level 2).
bulletGold CEP * status,  please see letter of congratulations.
bulletFirst aid certificate holder,  click here to see certificate.

Australian Qualifications

bulletLevel 1 accredited with the Australian sports commission,  click here to see certificate.
bulletLevel 2 Advanced General principles (Sports Science) January 2007,  click here to see certificate.

Seminars or workshops attended,  notes taken and learned


The Seminar at Mariposa,  June 24 - 26th 2013, coaches included: Doug and Michelle Leigh, Robert Tebby, Lee Barkell, Paige Aistrop


Brian Orser Seminar, held at Sixteen Mile Sports Complex in Oakville,  January 2013


Alexei Mishin Seminar; held at Sixteen Mile Sports Complex in Oakville on Sunday October 21st 2012


Future Champions Seminar Richmond Hill, Jan 30th 2012


National coach Apprenticeship program Quebec City, with Michelle Leigh, Manon Perron and many other top Canadian coaches, December 8th to 11th 2011.

bulletWO development seminar featuring Scott Davies,  April 14th 2011
bulletJosee Chouinard seminar,  London August 17th 2010
bulletThe Seminar at Mariposa, June 14th to 18th 2010, coaches included: Doug and Michelle Leigh, Robert Tebby, Lee Barkell, Paige Aistrop
bulletWO development team seminar featuring Jan Ullmark, 20th May 2010
bulletSkate Canada ACGM coaches workshops (2 days) May 2010:  Triple jumps with Joanne McLeod; Spins with Robert O'Toole; Off ice jump readiness with Joanne McLeod; The Axel with Doug Leigh; Tricks to enhance jumps with Manon Perron; Building a champion with Manon Perron; Basic Mental skills training with Judy Goss PHD Sports Psychology; Youth Physical preparation with Jason Vescovi - applied Sport science; CPC in StarSkate with Dr. Patricia Chafe;  Know the CPC system.
bulletFully attended Kathy Casey Seminar 2006, 2007 and 2008 (Kathy is a World and International coach from the US),  click here for Kathy's web site
bulletAttended MAURIZIO MARGAGLIO SEMINAR July 2007 (Maurizio is former World Ice Dance champion)
bulletCore strength and flexibility workshop May 2008,  see certificate

Coach of (these are some of the results my students have achieved)

bulletNSW championships Silver medalist elementary ladies 13+ division July 2007
bulletNSW championships Silver medalist elementary men division July 2008
bulletSummer trophy Gold medalist preliminary ladies division January 2007
bulletFederation cup Gold medalist preliminary ladies division October 2006
bulletFederation cup Gold Medalist Elementary division October 2008
bullet Dennis Silverthorne invitational gold medalist preliminary men's division January 2007 - Ontario Canada
bulletBoston Pizza StarSkate Championships 2011,  Pre Juvenile ladies division,  2nd place out of 24 skaters
bulletTrillium cup,  march 12th 2011,  8th place pre Juvenile ladies division
bulletMany more minor competition gold medals from skate school, artistic and club competitions over many years.


* CEP Status = Continuous Education Program,  Skate Canada encourages coaches to attend coaching seminars hosted by top coaches from the U.S and Canada, to update their coaching knowledge,  points for attendance are assigned and Bronze, Silver and Gold status is awarded.


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