The 300 to 3000 factor

This theorizes that if an error is repeated 300 times it then takes 3000 correct executions of the skill to correct the error.

Bad habits/errors can take weeks,  months or even years to correct.

Seeing some international level skaters perform in competition,  it is still possible to spot serious bad habits that were learned early in their career when they were very young,  such as the bad WRAP of the free leg in the air position,  high kick in the flip and Lutz jump,  change of edge in the Lutz (commonly referred to as the Flutz) plus many more.  These errors result in less points being awarded in competition and hence less competitiveness.

Under the pressure of a major event and nerves bad habits can resurface!  Not all bad habits can be fixed.

The most important phase of a skaters career is learning the basics,  this is usually the first year or so.



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